Fundamentally Speaking…NOT!

8As a Canadian it has not escaped me that much of what I write on these pages may go well beyond the savvy of most; not that my topics are so atypical in any way, but as is common to man, and blogging at large, I write from my own perspective and phooey on the rest.

 I try not to get myself into a knot over the news, politics, religion, or the stupid things people do to one another, but some things get my dander up…like the fleas on a dog, they’re an irritable itch I have no choice but to scratch! 

I heard an interesting quote today, “A fanatic is someone who has lost sight of his goal and redoubles his effort.” Reminds me of some of the dolts I read about in the newspapers these days. 

Religion seems at best a careless distraction. Fundamentalism appears to be at the root of many problems today. Although I profess to be a follower of Christ, I do not consider myself a fundamentalist. Sure I have core beliefs in the scriptures, but I do not think that “an ultimatum” is the necessary tool for sharing my beliefs. Surely the threat of taking a life (as is the practice of some) is a poor way of converting a pagan. Will he not say whatever you wish to save his life, and then when your back is turned…go his old way? 

Perhaps if the goal is to share God’s love for mankind, then love is what should be shown, and then conceivably good old fashioned conviction might win the day.


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