The Stooges in the Basement

The generation gap was never so evident to me than when we had our last family reunion. Somebody made the suggestion that we (all the guys) head down into the basement to watch the Three Stooges while the women stayed up stairs to watch a chick flick.

 I’m not sure what happened up stairs, but I know downstairs things didn’t turn out quite the way I expected. Most of the teenagers and younger ones had no idea who the Three Stooges were unlike those of us over the hill guys who grew up on a steady diet of the slap stickers. Within moments of the eye popping, ear pulling, and head banging shenanigans, the older guys were falling off the couch splitting their sides with laughter. The younger guys were all sitting straight faced and trying to get the humour and looking at us like we were insane or something. I couldn’t believe it, after five minutes or so they left…probably up stairs to tell on us!

 Well anyway, it felt good to cough up a lung and I’m glad we resisted the temptation to turn off the movie in spite of the objections of those sour grape kids. When I talked to the wife about it later she said she didn’t get the stooges either! What am I…insane? Is there no one out there who appreciates the fine comedy of  the Stooges?

 Alas, I guess we’re a dying breed, those of us who laugh when someone gets poked in the eye. There was a time when slap stick was an art form…now I guess it’s just politically incorrect.


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