Paralympic Media-Copout

      One of the great things about the Olympics is not just athletes overcoming great and insurmountable obstacles but the triumph of the human spirit to push beyond the pain, and sometimes the injuries, to capture the glory of the podium. We’ve seen it time and again at the Vancouver Winter Olympics how athletes press on after experiencing a sever fall, or dealing with the death of a loved one, and go on regardless to earn the medal they so richly deserved. The CTV did an outstanding job covering the games and made all Canadians proud with a world class act.

Is anyone else wondering where all the hype and media is now that the Paralympics are under way in Vancouver? Athletes from all over the world are competing and no word is mentioned outside of Vancouver. Are these Paralympic athletes less deserving than the Olympic athletes?

It’s sad to think perhaps the media deems them not worthy of coverage simply because they may not attract as vast an audience as the Olympics. The Paralympic athletes have overcome just as many hurtles, if not more, than your average athlete at the Olympics. I know CTV is broadcasting the Paralympics in Vancouver but coverage for the most part is limited.

As a parent, and foster parent of disabled children I can tell you that their hearts and determination is as great as any Olympian, maybe even greater. Today would have been my son Jeremy’s twelfth birthday. He was eight and a half when he died and spent his entire life fighting everyday that he lived. He was a fighter and an inspiration to everyone around him. He never had the chance to compete with anyone, but he was a gold medal winner in my eyes. It’s too bad many (including the media) don’t see the value of the human spirit beyond the perceived perfection of the Olympic athletes. The athletes competing in the Paralympics deserve a chance to compete and to have their moment of fame, and as far as I am concerned they are all winners in my sight.


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