Seen Better Days

The Cranberry Marsh in Bala Ontario has produced other fine vintages beside wine. Here is an old Dodge…set out to ripen in the field.


Seen Better Days

5 thoughts on “Seen Better Days

    • Oh my that’s so funny. Yesterday I rescued a woman stuck in a snow bank. I was thinking that I had seen better days after putting my back out the day before, shoveling the driveway, and here I am pushing her van.

      Anyway thanks for the comment. ~ Dave

    • Great story and a great truck to boot. I wish there was someone here to restore that old truck. It was the family truck used for hauling cranberries from the marsh for processing for many years. Now they use huge dump trucks. I visit the marsh every year, and every year I photograph it. ~ Dave

  1. That’s so cool. Maybe you’ll find something living in there one day. Just saw the wildlife photos at ROM–one cool pic of birds nesting in a wreck.

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