A Tree in the Forest - Arrowhead Park


A Tree in the Forest – Arrowhead Park

5 thoughts on “A Tree in the Forest – Arrowhead Park

    • That is a good question…probably not, but to satisfy my curiosity the next time i’m at Arrowhead I will look for that tree and let you know 🙂
      ~ Dave

      • 🙂
        Just curiosity on my part.;)
        In my own photography I am intrigued with why I pick this or that to photograph – when I visit again, does the same subject scream at me ‘photograph me, photograph me’, especially when there are many examples of the same thing together. Very often, the selection does seem to have some ‘logic’, some special character which separates it, some particular compositional advantage, etc – and less a ‘because it is there’.
        (I know, I need to get out more! ;))

      • I can totally identify with you when it come to photography…certain things just jump out and crab your attention. A lot of my photography is that way. I keep returning to the same spots at different seasons/or time of day, and shoot the same subject. That’s the wonder of shooting landscape; it is always changing in one way or another.
        My trip to Arrowhead was the first time I was there and I went ballistic shooting everything in sight. The light was perfect and so much natural composition to choose from. I actually took about 200 pictures and covered about two miles of bush, so when you posed your question I had to think about where I shot that picture, ha! Caught me!

        I’m relatively new to photography, just so you know, however I have been an artist for over thirty years. I try to bring what I’ve learned through art into my photography, things like lighting and shadows, composition, and I try to create a mood wherever possible. Not always easy for sure, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

        Regards ~ Dave

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