Cherub Head - Bolt Castle 2012

I took this shot of a cherub at Bolt Castle in the main hall right under the stained glass roof. I visited the castle decades ago while it lay in ruins and returned some thirty years later to find most of it has been refurbished. The castle has a sad history…it was being built as a wedding present, but Bolt’s fiancée died unexpectedly and work on the castle stopped. He never returned to the island and the castle fell to ruin. It has since been bought and restored by a tourism outfit and the castle is being rebuilt with the funds raised from visitors to the island.

Cherub Head – Bolt Castle 2012

4 thoughts on “Cherub Head – Bolt Castle 2012

  1. Love the Boldt Castle story, and what a tremendous difference over the years with the restorations. Our first visits were among broken glass and graffiti. Only a glimpse of the intention. Nice shot.

    • Yes, it has all the trappings of a great (sad) love story. I was there in 1979 when the place was in complete ruins. I was hoping to find some of my old photos from back then so I could compare the old with the new….but alas, I have not been able to find them….yet!

      Regards ~ Dave

      ps…it is spelled Boldt? I wasn’t sure when I posted 😦

      • That’s because in 1979 they weren’t digital …lol. I might have some from back then, we are right next to the thousand islands. Will let u know if I trip across some oldies, we used to go by boat and dock with a direct view of the castle, so have been a few times. Allot has changed in A bay. Yes, it is Boldt. :).

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