Jeremy's Tree

I planted this tree five years ago as a little sapling in honor of my son Jeremy. It was as tall as he was at eight and a half years old when he passed away. Now the tree is fifteen feet tall and is beautiful…just like Jeremy was.


Jeremy’s Tree

15 thoughts on “Jeremy’s Tree

  1. My condolences! I sincerely am sorry for your great loss. The sentiment and love you hold is heart felt. Your son is watching and smiling, without pain. I always say my mom is watching me. Like when I posted her picture on mother’s day. They are living in peace waiting for us to join them.
    Your post is precious and dear. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks Dawn…and my condolences for your mom, I’m sure she was precious to you. Loss of family is always tragic and I agree, they are waiting to see us again.

      The time I had with Jeremy was a gift because he wasn’t expected to live beyond a couple of weeks at birth. No one had any idea the kind of fighter Jeremy was and his love for life helped him to conquer many of the challenges he faced. Besides God, Jeremy was probably the greatest influence on my life…even though he never spoke a word…but that is the power of love.

      Thanks again Dawn

      ~ Dave

      • Love in any language straight from the heart…energies of light we feel love not from a word but a light in someones spirit!
        Thank you Dave
        Dawnas song

  2. Thank you for liking “Odd Blooms.” I am sorry to hear that you lost your son. At least you were able to have more time with him than a couple of weeks. The memorial tree is a wonderful way to remember him.

  3. Hi Dave, we don’t know each other – we just discovered each other’s blogs today – but the photo (or is it a painting? not sure, because it looks so painterly), is so simple, searching, tender and touching, so longing and poignant, so spare and yet full of meaning (like a haiku), that I had to share it on my Facebook page. Feel free to friend me if you wish, or simply accept my condolences, as well as praise for your work.

    • Hi Cathy…thanks so much for dropping by and for the kind words.
      In answer to your question, it is both a photo and a painting…digital that is. I’ve been an artist for many years and I love photography and that’s the problem…I’m rarely satisfied with just a photograph and so I take the best parts of a picture and add a wee bit of my artistic touch.

      Wow…just reading your description of Jeremy’s tree. You have written what I hoped to portray in the photo. An artist you are…of words, and meaningful perception. You have hit the nail square on the head, and I thank you for taking time to comment, I really appreciate it. ~ Dave

  4. I Thank you for following Lifesfatefulway @ wordpress! Liking you site and especially the great photos of TREES!! Have loved & appreciated trees all my life! Your love for Jeremy was so beautifully expressed in the tree photo & your awesome& heartfelt words of praise&love for him!

    • I do appreciate your kind words. Sometimes life brings together some wonderful people and I’m happy that we have crossed paths. Blessings my friend! ~ Dave

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