The Widow’s Blossoms

The Widow's Blossoms 1


11 thoughts on “The Widow’s Blossoms

    • Thanks LB. I found this stairway at the base of a railway bridge that led to nowhere…kind of eerie in a way. The sense I felt was abandonment or loss, and so the title “widow’s blossoms.” Thanks for commenting and have a great day. ~ Dave

  1. Thank you for liking โ€œPomegranate Blossoms.โ€ Nice photo! ๐Ÿ™‚ I also got the sense of abandonment when I looked at this photo because the plants were growing through the open spaces of the staircase as if no one was maintaining this place. The neglect is what makes the photo interesting to me, and I like the great textures of the wooden staircase.

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