1960 Austin Healy Sprite 50 yr. anniversary

Austin Healy Sprite 50 Year Ann

Caught this little beauty hanging out in a shopping mall parking lot.


12 thoughts on “1960 Austin Healy Sprite 50 yr. anniversary

    • Thanks Tim…it does look like a happy car doesn’t it. You know I think it was an Austin Martin but I could be wrong. If I was JB…I would be happy in either. 🙂

    • Well…perhaps there were some other vehicles around, but really, this one was grabbing my attention. 🙂 Actually there was a nice hotrod there now that you mention it. Hopefully I’ll get some time to work on that this week. Thanks LB….~ Dave

      • Oh i meant I can’t believe someone would park such a beauty in a mall parking lot where it would be vulnerability to dings!

      • I see your point!
        The owner parked it away to the far side of the mall and took up two spots…even though the car is only half as wide as a normal car, ha! 🙂 The neat part of this story is that he was there when I took the shot. He opened the hood, put down the top and gave me a quick history on the 1969 Corvette Stingray…why, I don’t know. I guess when you own a car like the Healy, you can talk about anything you want. 🙂

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