Abstract – Zap of Green

Abstract 3 Zap Of Green


4 thoughts on “Abstract – Zap of Green

    • Thanks for asking Noelle.

      I’ve been painting for about thirty years on and off and I have tried many mediums, including painting digitally, sometimes in Photoshop and sometimes with a painting program (Corel). Its similar to when I paint on a canvas with paint and brush by the fact that I never now how they are going to turn out. One stroke leads to another and by mixing different colours and brushes the canvas begins to take on a life of its own. I guess the trick is knowing when to quit.
      A lot of times I just pick a pallet of colours and see what happens…unlike painting a landscape or portrait where I’m more or less bound to try and make it look half decent, ha!

      Anyway…the best thing is to have fun and if someone likes my stuff then so much the better.

      Have a great day. ~ Dave

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