Backyard Snow Drift – 2015

Backyard Snow Drifts 2015

A lot of the snow has melted…but the dog house is still buried back there, somewhere. No Lemmy, you can’t come out yet!


18 thoughts on “Backyard Snow Drift – 2015

    • I’m glad you asked. Lemmy has had a difficult winter sharing the couch with the cat. Last time I saw him he was digging a hole south…lol.
      Thanks my friend, as always. ~ Dave

  1. Excellent composition – beautiful atmosphere & dramatic shadows.

    There was a recent news item about a cat in the Maritimes who survived 40 days under the snow enclosed porch. Very Biblical – he is not starting a religion, all cats know they are at the centre of the universe. 😀

    • hahha…yes, in a way I feel like that cat under the snow bank…and cat do have nine lives, so that may explain a few things! lol!

      Thanks for the kind words and wishing you a wonderful day. ~ Dave

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