Pine Needles ~ Black & White

Pine Needles B&W

Well, I didn’t have to hike far for this shot. It was just before dusk, I opened the door, stepped outside and took this shot with my EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 III lens from ten feet away. I stepped back inside and had a coffee. I wish everything was so simple…but alas


4 thoughts on “Pine Needles ~ Black & White

  1. I got the feeling nature was smiling in the background 🙂
    Beautiful photograph ….
    I will be back to wander more I have a mound of dirt to make something out of before it rains …
    Take Care….Yu Matter…

    • Thanks for the kind words Maryrose. I hope you fair well out and about.

      Pretty soon I’ll be heading out as well. We only have a short period of time to do any type of yard work and then the blackflies show up and its inside until the weather is hot enough to burn them off. Anyway, I’m glad spring has arrived!

      Have a great Day ~ Dave

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