A couple of Model A Buddies!

Model A Ford 1931 w Brain & Daniel

We’ve been working on this 1931 Model A Ford for almost two years now, restoring every nut and bolt to its original condition. This has been a dream of Brian’s (on right side & owner) and we’re almost finished. Two or three more weeks, a couple of inspections for authenticity and a safety should put this puppy on the road in time for some summer fun. Daniel on the left has painted all the unseen parts. I hope to do a photo shoot when we’re done.

8 thoughts on “A couple of Model A Buddies!

  1. That is quite a project. Have you been following One Man and His Mustang? They took that one down to every bold and little wire and it’s an amazing amount of work to restore a car properly.

    • I haven’t but I’ll look him up.

      Most of the work has been done on this car and then he will have it certified. You’re not kidding when you say its a lot of work. everything has been restored to original…even the grease nipple and cap on the water pump, lol!
      BUT…I guess when you love old cars its a labour of love!!
      Have a great day Tim.
      ~ Dave

  2. My father is a car nut. He worked on his dad’s ice truck when he was 7 and by 11 was working at his dad’s garage… He bought his first car at 14. He knows just about every car from the ’30’s, ’40’s.. he has over 90 of those diecast models. He owned a ’36 Model A Ford – Lincoln Blue. Sadly, the car had to be sold years ago when he decided the money was needed to help feed his 6 growing kiddies.
    Your car looks perfect.
    Good luck with it.

    • Wow, your dad sounds like a great guy. It must have been hard for him to give up that car, but his heart was in the right place. I remember my dad giving up some of his treasures (he was a gun collector) because the family needed a roof over our heads and something to eat.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing about your dad. Hope you have a great day. ~ Dave

      • My dad is quite a character. At 83, he is still passionate about driving. He’ll take out his convertible Mustang and fly. He still drives like a bat outta hell. He’s a retired FBI agent and is tough down to the core…
        It seems your father has left you good memories.
        You have a nice day as well.
        annmarie 🙂

  3. I sure don’t understand the work, having never worked on an old car before, but I sure would love to see your photos!

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