Summer Days


My granddaughter enjoying some chips while her brother tries desperately to score a goal on the soccer field. I guess some things are more important than the goal…like summer & chips! Definitely grandpa’s girl!!


11 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. very nice picture! I like it!

  2. belshade says:

    In the end – its all a question of getting your priorities right! Des.

  3. LB says:

    Adorable! and focused on those chips!

  4. Beautiful shot! Looks like your granddaughter was more important than your grandson. Did you get any shots of him?

    • bullroarin says:

      hahaha…yes I took about 75 shots of him at the game and 2 of my granddaughter. Thought I would start with the easy one first!! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. ~Dave

  5. bacardi gold says:

    That’s the picture of innocence, grandpa’s favorite girl!

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