Chloe April 2016


Portrait Of A Special Little Girl

4 thoughts on “Portrait Of A Special Little Girl

  1. I would imagine there is some back story here that most would find very interesting. Care to give us any information?

    • Thanks for asking Emilio, I can share a little bit. (I’ll call her “C”)

      My first contact with C was about 4 years ago. She was in a full body cast for two of those years with a rare spinal condition and my wife and I had the privilege of looking after her in our home.
      Long story short, she is now 6 years old, out of the cast, and attends Jr kindergarten. She is “differently challenged” but she is making progress. Yesterday she came for a visit and when she finished lunch I thought I would try and do a mini-photo shoot with her and viola…this is the result. My intention is to give a few photos to her parents at some time in the future…maybe Christmas or something. My friends on WP get a sneak peek…please don’t tell them! ~ Dave

  2. What a great idea of yours. I wish I could do the same or something similar. But I’m terrible at taking photos of people and have no real interest in it right now. I can only imagine what “C” and her family have gone through in the past 6 years and hope the best for all of them. Thank you.

    • Thanks Emilio…I appreciate the nice response and well wishes.
      Well, photos of people may not be your thing but you sure have a gift for cars, structures and landscapes. I really like your photography!! Keep up the good work.
      Take care ~ Dave

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