Love is in the Air



I have the privilege of being the backup photographer at my friends wedding this weekend. We went down to the lake (not in view) and took a couple of warm up shots although I don’t think the couple need any warming up! lol!


9 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

    • Thanks Des. This was just a pre-shot and hopefully everything will turn out. Of course they have no idea who they’re dealing with, lol,….if they want traditional. 🙂

  1. I like this!
    I’m shooting a friend’s daughter’s wedding in June and am already nervous. Even though I keep saying “you get what you pay for” (ie … it’s a gift), like you, I am hardly a traditional wedding photographer.
    So how did it go????

    • Thanks LB.
      I’m sure you and your photography will be fantastic.
      I would say shoot what you like best and maybe have a backup photographer to help out with those traditional shots. You won’t be able to be two places at once and so many things can happen in a short space of time.
      I was glad to be backup photographer…sort of took the pressure off…even though, like you, I did it for less than a peanut. Right now I’m going through about 900 photos, lol, and I’ll probably end up with about 20 I’ll be really happy with. I found if I have a “plan” (what type of shots the bride wants) that will really helped me to keep on track.
      I wish you all the best my friend…and you’ll do great!!!! Most of all, have fun!
      ~ Dave

      • I do have a back up and we’ve already been to the venue with the Bride & Groom … still worried about it.
        Good luck with those 900 images!!

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