Mayflowers at Rock Ridge (2016)

May Flower - Rock Ridge (2016)

This may be my last post for a few weeks…I will be away (work related). I will pop in if I can, but otherwise have a great June. ~ Dave


17 thoughts on “Mayflowers at Rock Ridge (2016)

  1. “Mayflowers” – great example of how isolating the subject can add quality. Enjoy your trip – even if it is work-related. Hope it is to somewhere photogenic! Des.

    • Thanks Des…I appreciate your observations.
      I wish I was in Photogenic land but alas I’m stuck with some work related stuff…but I guess its all how you look at the world…can take pictures anywhere!! Have a good one ~ Dave

    • Thanks for the comment, and I’m back for a bit.
      The Mayflower (as we call it in Ontario) is probably better known as the Trillium which grow on the forest floor during the month of May. They are Ontario’s official flower and they are protected under law from picking…but no one said anything about photographing, lol!
      Have a great day ~ Dave

  2. It appears that I have been so behind on catching up that I totally missed that you’d been gone 🙂
    I’ll respond to your comment on my post today a bit later, but for now … this image is really great, Dave. Truly!

    • Oh you’re definitely welcome, and thanks for liking Mayflowers. Hope your summer is great too.
      I will pop in from time to time as this summer seems like its going to keep me quite busy.
      ~ Dave

      • You are welcome, and thank you. 🙂 I understand about work-related matters keeping you busy. The same thing is happening to me. However, I am trying to enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather while it lasts. 🙂

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