Young Eagle (2015)

Birch Tree 2 NT_edited-2



17 thoughts on “Young Eagle (2015)

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Beautiful photo. He looks determined.

  2. LB says:

    Oh my gosh! You need to hold a photography class. I’ll definitely sign up!!

    • bullroarin says:

      Well…that’s quite a compliment, thanks LB.
      Tell ya what, I’ll do one if you do one!

      Later my friend. ~ Dave

      • LB says:

        Visiting around WP today. Just dropping by to say hello!

      • bullroarin says:

        Hello LB, always nice when you drop in. Hope you’re doing good today?
        Today I’m doing the father’s day thing with my son and grandson. We’re at the antique car show…not sure if they’re trying to drop a hint, but that’s ok!

        Take care my friend ~ Dave

  3. The photo class would not be a bad idea. Beautiful image. He looks determined and mean!

    • bullroarin says:

      Thanks Emilio…I know this eagle was about one year old when I took the photo, I hope he has mellowed out a bit.

      I’m thinking about doing some photo classes, maybe in the fall. I just gotta get my head out of the camera and make a decision, lol!
      Thanks for the encouragement my friend!! ~ Dave

  4. A few years ago I followed a webcam of an eagle’s nest to see the whole process to become fledgling. It was so awesome – your photo reminded me. Thanks!

    • bullroarin says:

      wow…that video must have been awesome. Eagles are such majestic birds. Thanks for commenting ~ Dave

      • It was early spring and at the time there were several cameras like that online. You might catch something next season. I worried over that bird every day through the spring weather. When he was too big to be under Mom, during the storms, he’d just bury his head under. LOL It was an awesome thing to watch how the Mom and Dad each had a role. And on the day he fledged – was kind of scary. The dad carried a fish up to the nest and neither the mom or dad ate it… seeing if junior would come home. 🙂

  5. Wouldn’t want to meet this eagle in a dark alleyway, lol…He is kind of scary!

  6. B.M. Bailey says:

    Man, this is fantastic. Love the shot. And thanks for stopping by my blog today and giving so many likes!

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