Winnie the Poop!

This bear has been frequenting the old apple tree out back for the last three weeks…and has covered a good part of the yard with applesauce, lol!

Today, I got in and close for these shots…I guess he figured it was the least he could do!

12 thoughts on “Winnie the Poop!

    • well, the jury is out on that one….all i know is its awful to mow. If he comes back next year he will be twice the size, and no doubt twice as much applesauce, lol! ~ Dave
      ps. maybe I’ll just let the grass grow.

  1. You’ll say that I’m crazy, but I’m so ready to see bear! They’ve been everywhere that I go EXCEPT when I am there.
    Your photos are great!

  2. How close is close? I would prefer to stay in the house and use a zoom lens, if you don’t mind.

    • lol…I don’t blame you, the house is the safer bet by far. This bear was spooked quite easily and I had an escape route planned just in case. I was about twenty feet away and yes, too close!! ~ Dave

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