Oh Snow…How Do I Love Thee?

Oh Snow...jpg

I’m so sick of the winter already…I wrote a poem…                (the tree is from my front yard)

Oh Snow…How do I love Thee?


I love thee on the neighbors driveway

and on the neighbors deck

I love thee on another’s staircase

and on their roof, oh what the heck


I love thee when its blowing

down the street to yonder path

or floating by the window

while I am in the bath


I love thee with a vengeance

and patience I have none

and check the radar often

to find when you are done.

                          ~ Bullroar



9 thoughts on “Oh Snow…How Do I Love Thee?

  1. Olga says:

    Love you image, Bullroar. It adds a bit of humor to your poetic lament. 🙂

  2. LB says:

    You are clever in many ways, Dave 🙂

  3. Snow is always beautiful from afar. Lovely poem!

  4. magarisa says:

    Haha…good one!

  5. jazzytower says:

    Well, this had me laughing. A good one:)

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