Black Bear

bear 6art

I shot this black bear two years ago and watched him grow from a cub to about two hundred pounds over the course of the summer and fall. He spent most of his time feasting on apples from my sons apple tree…which may account for his enormous size.  Sadly, he didn’t show up this year in the spring…probably the victim of a hunters bullet. He didn’t seem to mind me being close by…I took this photo from about 40′ away.  I nicknamed him, Winnie The Poop! …..for obvious reasons 🙂

Sitting Pretty

birds of flordia 1

I shot this guy hanging around the bird sanctuary on Madeira Beach Fl. I’m trying to be more artistic in my photography, if that makes any sense. I’ve always tried to mix the two mediums (photography & art), but lately I’m leaning more to the “artsy fartsy” side.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Dave