Portrait ~ (Experiment)

DC Portrait

Great…just what the world needs, another shameless selfie! But, practice makes perfect (not that I’m there by any means) and finding a willing model to sit whilst I fiddle about with a myriad of camera settings, and not to mention finding the right light, well you get the rationale. Besides, some of the worlds greatest artists did selfies…a lot of Rembrandt’s portrait paintings were of (gasp) himself. To his credit…at least he had better hats! Lol!

Ok, Maybe I’m a bit self conscience. It is what it is…! That being said, I’ve been working on some different portrait styles using endless layering and blend modes in photo shop, however, to date my subjects have been mostly birds. For the most part I’m pretty happy with my Jekyll & Hyde experimenting on myself. Its so difficult to try and find ones own style. Lord knows I’ve been trying for years. Maybe this is it…we’ll see. Only time will reveal the monster, or the corpse!! ~ Dave

Heckle & Jeckle ~ 2019

Heckle & Jeckle ~ 2019

I shot these two lovely gents (or ladies) at the bird sanctuary on Madeira Beach Fl. My grandson was with me at the time and he was both mesmerized and terrified. Fortunately, for us, the buzzards just finished dining on a few discarded hamburgers & fries!