Portrait ~ (Experiment)

DC Portrait

Great…just what the world needs, another shameless selfie! But, practice makes perfect (not that I’m there by any means) and finding a willing model to sit whilst I fiddle about with a myriad of camera settings, and not to mention finding the right light, well you get the rationale. Besides, some of the worlds greatest artists did selfies…a lot of Rembrandt’s portrait paintings were of (gasp) himself. To his credit…at least he had better hats! Lol!

Ok, Maybe I’m a bit self conscience. It is what it is…! That being said, I’ve been working on some different portrait styles using endless layering and blend modes in photo shop, however, to date my subjects have been mostly birds. For the most part I’m pretty happy with my Jekyll & Hyde experimenting on myself. Its so difficult to try and find ones own style. Lord knows I’ve been trying for years. Maybe this is it…we’ll see. Only time will reveal the monster, or the corpse!! ~ Dave

14 thoughts on “Portrait ~ (Experiment)

    • Thanks Jazzy, I appreciate the comments. In my opinion color & light are two different things, but, you need both to make a photo work. So…you question is right! 🙂 Best regards ~ Dave

      • Ok. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m on the hunt for a course so I can better understand some of this stuff. A good weekend to you.


      • Hey Pat…I’m not sure exactly what you are looking for…cus there’s a lot of specialized stuff out there but I’ve learned a lot just by going to YouTube and typing in what you are interested in. There is a ton of tutorials to pick from about any genre. Nice part is that they are all free and if you find someone who is good…just follow them and you’ll get a lot of info. Hope this helps. ~ Dave

      • It definitely does. Thanks. Basically I just want to shoot the moon and not have it look like a speck, and have details. Thanks again.


      • Hi Pat. If you are using a DLSR you probably need at least a 300mm telephoto lens, a tripod and a good clear night. I’ll tell you what I do, but there are lots of videos on youtube that explain a lot better.
        Use the manual setting on your camera and turn off auto focus on your lens. set camera at 100iso and your f-stop at about f8 or f11. zoom right out to the max on your lens and focus on the moon. your shutter speed will vary depending on the brightness of the moon. I would start at around 1/60th of a second and adjust up or down until you start to see details in the moon. Use your timer (at least 2 seconds to get rid of camera shake, 10 secs is better) A nice trick is to photo stack (take 3 photos, 1 underexposed, 1 properly exposed, and 1 over exposed and then combine them in photoshop like you would an HDR photo. that way you will get some great detail in your shot. Another trick is to shoot in multiple or contentious shots. Take 10 or 15 contentious shots and then look for the clearest one later on your computer. you’ll be surprised at what you see…even though you’re taking the same shot most will probably be blurry and one or two will be sharp — don’t ask me to explain!!!??? lol!
        Hope this helps ~ Dave

  1. Wonderful self-portrait, Dave. I love how one can see the glint in your eyes, but they do look a bit sad. The hat adds an interesting feel of personality. Great moody background. Love it. ❤

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