About Me…


DC 2014default I cannot direct the wind – but I can set the sails. I cannot control the waves – but I can set the helm, and so life has been, for better or worse a series of events both intended and spontaneous.

Vernon Saunders Law quotes, “Experience is a hard teacher, because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.”

What can I say of my life?

Only that I am what I am…a collection of experiences and encounters all of which have been shaped and moulded into a personality far too complex to be explained in a few paragraphs, and far too large to be unpacked into any logical observation.

Life has been long enough and the profusion of personal baggage has to some extent become much too complex and confused for my own good. Seriously, I’m really quite an uncomplicated person who conceals himself in a universe of diversion and on occasion I pull my head out of the sand for a gander at reality.


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