Egret ~ 2019 (Florida)

Egret 2019

I went down to the dock to take some shots of the turtles and out of the sky flies this egret and lands five feet from me (no doubt looking for a handout). I started taking pictures and he posed for five or ten minutes and then took off. Some days life is good!

Kiss My …oh, another Bird Rescue!

Bird 2

Here’s another little guy from the Bird Rescue at Madeira Beach Fl. I’m pretty sure she/he was telling me that the tail feathers are kaput! Of course the other possibility is that he/she was politely telling me to kiss off!….:)

Heckle & Jeckle ~ 2019

Heckle & Jeckle ~ 2019

I shot these two lovely gents (or ladies) at the bird sanctuary on Madeira Beach Fl. My grandson was with me at the time and he was both mesmerized and terrified. Fortunately, for us, the buzzards just finished dining on a few discarded hamburgers & fries!

Sitting Pretty

birds of flordia 1

I shot this guy hanging around the bird sanctuary on Madeira Beach Fl. I’m trying to be more artistic in my photography, if that makes any sense. I’ve always tried to mix the two mediums (photography & art), but lately I’m leaning more to the “artsy fartsy” side.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Dave