Mother & Child


I know its been awhile since my last post…but life happens and I got caught up in it somehow. Now that things have settled down a bit it’s time to get back to the basics…taking pictures and making art, and sharing with my friends of course. ~ Dave

I call this one, Mother & Child. Although the photo was heavily pixelated there was something about the subject that captured my attention…something emotional on one level, and yet haunting on another.




This is one of my “photo with words” experiments. The words are from Mother Teresa, I took the photo at the BB Fall Festival…person unknown.

Oh Snow…How Do I Love Thee?

Oh Snow...jpg

I’m so sick of the winter already…I wrote a poem…                (the tree is from my front yard)

Oh Snow…How do I love Thee?


I love thee on the neighbors driveway

and on the neighbors deck

I love thee on another’s staircase

and on their roof, oh what the heck


I love thee when its blowing

down the street to yonder path

or floating by the window

while I am in the bath


I love thee with a vengeance

and patience I have none

and check the radar often

to find when you are done.

                          ~ Bullroar