Ashley ~ 2019

Ashley Potts tribute Sept 2019

This is my tribute to my good friend Wayne who lost his daughter today in a terrible hit & run car accident. I can’t imagine your sorrow right now.

(poem by Bullroar ~ Dave)

Oak Leaves & Snow

Old Oak Tree on Cedar Lane 2014

Oak Leaves & Snow

The winter sought to claim you
with frigid cold and snow,
and the wind desired to have you
as high as it could blow,
but in the end, you hung on tight
and simply uttered…no!

Fallen Angels


Fallen Angels

Majestic mountains
Penetrate the sky
Cascading waters
By riverbanks fly

The mighty stallion
Wild and on the run
A soaring eagle
Flying near the sun

Splendid wildflowers
Gazing at the light
Glorious redwoods
Stretching to full height

A new born baby
Crying at his birth
An old man dying
Lowered to the earth

Little Fireflies
Lighting up the night
And darling lovebirds
All decked out in white

Niagara the grand
Torrents of wet spray
The sun blazing red
At the end of the day

In all these matters
A query does enthrall
Amid such splendor
Why do angels fall?

~ Dave Carter


Today I visited the gravesite of Jeremy, my son. As is my habit I leave a pot of plastic flowers every spring by his headstone. It has been three and a half years since he moved on to heaven and I thought perhaps I would feel a little different with the passage of time; however, not much has changed. I still miss him terribly and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Sadly, Jeremy was only eight and a half years old when he died.

Jeremy had many disabilities and was not expected to live beyond a few weeks at best. I love it when the doctors are wrong. Although Jeremy was blind, unable to speak and had no motor skills he was well on his way to recovery and with each passing month was gaining little by little. He fought the good fight and now he is with his saviour Jesus.

I wrote this poem after Jeremy passed on…I believe it is prophetic in nature and I look forward to being with my little man one day soon.

I love you Jeremy. ~ Dad


You flew so high

when you let go…

grasping the wing

of an angel,

feathers soft and purest white.

A breeze brushed your lovely face

and tears raced from eyes

cherishing their first sight,

a golden city…

a nail scared hand

reached to steady that first step.

Words formed

on silent lips,

fresh like dewdrops

on a summer rose.

The taste of honey lingered

as you ran

through open fields of sunflowers,

your cheeks

glistening in the velvet sun.

Hearing your own voice…

you laughed.

And music adorned

your dancing feet;

a robin sang…

and angels cheered you on.

Slipping from my hand,

I see you now…

not as you were.

Suffering was a garment

to be discarded,

and yet…

it is what I cling to.

The pain in my heart

reminds me of you.

I won’t forget.

The tears in my eyes

sting like piercing arrows.

The scars of life seem many,

and some take long to heal.

But for now,

run along little Bear…

savour the choices

that surround you

and be glad,

for your heavenly Father beckons,

“come my little one…come”.