Tom & Janet’s Palm Trees

Tom & Janet's Palm Tree 2020

Well there’s not much happening here in Florida this warm and muggy night…and social distancing is certainly not being practiced by these trees. Actually, I had grabbed my camera and a 50-300mm lens to shoot a gator that has been hanging out at the creek for the last couple of weeks. Got a pretty good shot of him, but, on the way back I came across this cluster of palm trees during the magic hour (sunset) and I took this shot. Hope everybody is safe.

I’ll be heading back to Canada in a few weeks. I’m already missing my friends here in the south. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and I can come back in the autumn.

~ Dave

Oh, oh!


Its been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I’m too busy for my own good. I shot this rabbit  with a canon in the backyard…lol and added a background for effect.

Look into my Eye!

Oscar 1

I chased Oscar around the entire morning before I managed to get this shot. I won’t mention the other hour of  sprinting and dash…trying the get the turd out of his mouth. Everything is a game! Then it was a band-aid…I finally cornered him and my efforts earned me a nip…but look at that face!

gotta love it! ~ Dave