This is one of my “photo with words” experiments. The words are from Mother Teresa, I took the photo at the BB Fall Festival…person unknown.


Old Blue




photo by Charlie Harutaka


Old Blue

Through the glass of pain I look to the sea where storm clouds gather and gulls glide along the brackish squalls.

The glistening horizon holds that great ship, smothered in salty spray and wind whipped sail, the one I named Old Blue.

Memories drift and fade, though I cling to the deck like the tentacles of a Leviathan, and my anchor to the past is nothing more save the wooden ship moored upon my windowpane.
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Oak Leaves & Snow

Old Oak Tree on Cedar Lane 2014

Oak Leaves & Snow

The winter sought to claim you
with frigid cold and snow,
and the wind desired to have you
as high as it could blow,
but in the end, you hung on tight
and simply uttered…no!