Tom & Janet’s Palm Trees

Tom & Janet's Palm Tree 2020

Well there’s not much happening here in Florida this warm and muggy night…and social distancing is certainly not being practiced by these trees. Actually, I had grabbed my camera and a 50-300mm lens to shoot a gator that has been hanging out at the creek for the last couple of weeks. Got a pretty good shot of him, but, on the way back I came across this cluster of palm trees during the magic hour (sunset) and I took this shot. Hope everybody is safe.

I’ll be heading back to Canada in a few weeks. I’m already missing my friends here in the south. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and I can come back in the autumn.

~ Dave

Egret ~ 2019 (Florida)

Egret 2019

I went down to the dock to take some shots of the turtles and out of the sky flies this egret and lands five feet from me (no doubt looking for a handout). I started taking pictures and he posed for five or ten minutes and then took off. Some days life is good!



One of my goals this winter in Florida was to do a painting of a famous place in Tuscany, Italy. With paint brush in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other, I completed that goal this week. A few friends came over for the unveiling. I have not painted in over five years. This was a 1st jab at getting back into it. Hope you enjoy! ~ Dave

Hair-Daze…follow up to Bad Hair Day!


As a follow up, here is Mandy after her haircut…sulking! It’s hard to imagine a pooch so consumed with a self image, lol! For whatever reason Mandy needs a few days to recompose herself after a hair raising episode at the beautician. By the weekend the queen of beauty will emerge from her kennel of refuge to reveal the stunner she really is. In the meantime, we must ponder the enigma.

Heckle & Jeckle ~ 2019

Heckle & Jeckle ~ 2019

I shot these two lovely gents (or ladies) at the bird sanctuary on Madeira Beach Fl. My grandson was with me at the time and he was both mesmerized and terrified. Fortunately, for us, the buzzards just finished dining on a few discarded hamburgers & fries!