Lipizzan Stallion (2016)


I shot this Lipizzan stallion  last fall in Florida. These amazing stallions are trained for war (when horses used to go into battle) and this puppy would have no trouble knocking out all your teeth in one shot from his front or rear hooves. Horse and rider were like a single fighting unit. The stallions can easily jump to head level with a rider in the saddle and deliver a precision kick right on the noodle. That being said, this (well bred) horse allowed me to give him a carrot later on and I lived to tell the story.

Oh Snow…How Do I Love Thee?

Oh Snow...jpg

I’m so sick of the winter already…I wrote a poem…                (the tree is from my front yard)

Oh Snow…How do I love Thee?


I love thee on the neighbors driveway

and on the neighbors deck

I love thee on another’s staircase

and on their roof, oh what the heck


I love thee when its blowing

down the street to yonder path

or floating by the window

while I am in the bath


I love thee with a vengeance

and patience I have none

and check the radar often

to find when you are done.

                          ~ Bullroar