Bird Houses

Bird Houses was inspired while I was gazing at the remaining fall foliage surrounding my house. Now that most of the leaves are down I noticed all these bird nests that were hidden among the summer leaves. These photos were all shot from the deck.

Walk Down Cedar Lane

The weather was nice enough today that I decided to take a walk with the old Fujifilm X100V and shoot a few black & whites…in honor of St Paddy’s of course, and because there is no “green” worth noting, yet!

North Bay Ontario Freedom Convoy 2022

Drove up to North Bay last weekend to support the Truckers Freedom Convoy against gov’t overreach in Canada. Hundreds of trucks, thousands of people…prime minister in hiding, lol! Two days later there was 100,000 trucks in Ottawa and 2.6 million people demonstrating…of course you won’t see that in the news!

Bailey ~ 2021

Introducing Bailey. He is an eight year old (shitsomething) and I’m fostering him for a few weeks to see if he would be a good fit for our home. So far so good…but the ultimate test is the “photogenic test.” I think he passed, lol!

The Silver Bridge

The weather around Bracebridge has been fantastic lately. Sunny days here and there with relatively low humidity and so I decided to grab the Fuji and head toward town. So many places to go but I decided “The Bridge” was long overdue and consequently I took the path beneath the bridge and got a few shots along the way of an old house, the steel girders supporting the bridge, the old power station, and of course the rapids gushing under the bridge. We’ve had a lot of rainfall lately resulting in a grand display of rushing water so I couldn’t pass that opportunity. I finished up with a shot of The Bridge from a low vantage point. The sun was harsh so I slapped on the ND filter and went for Black & white.
Stores, businesses, and restaurants are starting to open up now that the restrictions have been eased and the town is finally coming back to life.